This luminescence makes ‘Glo Pro’ easy and convenient if you’re marking distances on your mainline for clipping to a specific range especially at night. Whether you prefer to cast out to a line marker, wrap up on sticks or walk your lines out ‘Glo Pro’ makes this quicker and easier.

As ‘Glo Pro’ is painted onto the mainline and forms a tidy tapered coloured marker that doesn’t snag or snare in the rings during casting, and will not slip whilst playing a fish. It’s rubbery/flexible texture means that it is easily removed with your fingernail and doesn’t mark or damage your mainline.

Instructions to use Gardner ‘Glo Pro’:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Paint a thin layer of ‘Glo Pro’ onto a 30mm section of the main line, marking the exact range to your baited spot or feature.
  • Allow the marker to touch dry. ‘Glo Pro’ only takes a few minutes to go off (solidify) sufficiently for use. Full cure time is approximately 10 minutes.
  • Cure time is prolonged if you apply a thicker layer.
  • Replace lid/application brush immediately after use.

‘Glo Pro’ is available individually in 4 super hi-viz luminous colours: Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink.

This selection of colours means that you can choose different colours for different spots/features, colour coordinating exact ranges on markers, fishing rods and spod rods too.

‘Glo Pro’ marker is also available in twin packs – supplied with a UV Torch.

Twin packs are: Green and Pink plus UV Torch, Orange and Yellow plus UV Torch*.
*Normal RRP of the UV Torch is £3.99.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, do not consume, etc.